Hi, my name is Patrick, and I help people buy and sell houses

I currently live in the east end of Toronto, after moving way all over the city way too often; I started in the heart of it all at College and St. George, making a quick detour through the Moss Park neighbourhood before spending the waning days of my hipster years in the most fitting enclave for that demographic, College and Ossington. During these years, I worked in the outer fringes of the music and advertising industries, first in royalties administration, and then managing a busy recording studio.

But we’re here to talk about real estate, right?

So how did I make the transition to professional home slinger? Well, to be honest…I was bored with studio life. I wanted to challenge myself personally and professionally. So, while I contemplated where to go, I indulged in a longtime hobby (and perhaps yours): visiting open houses and scanning the MLS system. Being naturally inquisitive, I’d often ask a lot of questions of listing agents at open houses, and more often than not, the answer I’d get back would be, “Uh…..I don’t actually know. But I’d be happy to find out for you!” But how often do you think I would actually get a follow up call with the answer?

How I made the transition into real estate

It wasn’t long before I realized that I could not only do what these agents were doing (and more), but I could work to raise the bar in the industry. I was lucky enough to shadow one of Toronto’s top real estate teams as I went through the introductory real estate courses, which meant that I hit the ground running when I got my license. It didn’t take long for me to become familiar with many GTA neighbourhoods across many different price ranges. I grew to love introducing buyers to neighbourhoods they may not have ever heard about but fit all of their search criteria, and working with sellers to set new sales records for their street. Since these humble beginnings, I’ve helped countless buyers and sellers, in addition to appearing on CBC’s The National, The Exchange, Metro Morning with Matt Galloway, and CHML AM900’s The Scott Thompson Show.

How I work

One of the things that I love most about this job is the ability to work with a wide variety of people providing perspective in what could be a stressful situation. My clients have often remarked on my calming influence and the sense of humour that I bring to a transaction. This has led to me being referred to more than once as the Patch Adams of real estate (not entirely true, but let’s pretend).


Give me call and let’s work together

Patrick Lowney and Ethel

pictured: me and my assistant, Ethel. She’s great with clients, but her typing skills need some work…

A bit more about me for those interested:

Nickname: P-Lo
Sign: Libra
Favourite drink: Beer from many of the great microbreweries in this city (Left Field, Halo, Blood Brothers, etc.)
Can often be found: growing a ridiculous urban garden, walking my two sidekicks (Trixie and Ethel, picture on the front page), trying each and every new restaurant in the city, nerding out over music
Started in real estate: November 2010
Areas of expertise: first-time buyers, transitioning from a first home to a bigger space, forced sales and estate sales
Charities I donate to: Rainbow Railroad (assisting LGBT people escape persecution), Kiva (micro-loans in developing countries), Second Harvest (feeding the hungry in the GTA)