Lowney On The Towney: Bandit Coffee Co.

photo courtesy BlogTO

Welcome to another week of Lowney on the Towney! This time around, I’m profiling a bit of a hidden gem in the east end. Located at just west of Woodbine on the south side of Gerrard, Bandit Coffee Co. has been around since 2011, slinging some of the best coffee, tea and baked goods in the city. Beans are supplied by Pilot Coffee Roasters (located not far away on Wagstaff Ave.), the staff are always friendly and (thankfully) playing great music, and the steampunk aesthetic and communal table make it a great place to meet clients, get some work done, or perhaps get one’s headshots done (*ahem*). Because of it’s location in a strip that has traditionally lacked many amenities, Bandit also has a great community feeling; staff will likely remember your name after your first or second visit, and you tend to see the same regulars cycling through.

LOTT’s beverage of choice: latte, straight up
Best time to visit: Anytime! Just be aware that there may be a line-up in the early morning hours
Nota bene: no debit or credit – strictly cash only! There’s an ATM on site, though
Other services: valet laundry service (seriously!); the price list is at the cash
Parking: street parking is usually available out front, except between 4 and 6 pm; if not, park just around the corner on Normandy

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